Would we HATE it if we realized our narrative?

What?! Just suppose that the Progressive narrative were to succeed. Trump is impeached or otherwise removed. Hillary, or someone even better is elected President. Republicans are routed in the next election. Justices empathetic to context are appointed to the Supreme Court. The U.S. gets back to achieving equality for all.

What would it look like, say within 10 years? What could be achieved? Which of these would you like to see achieved?
[ ] Affordable health care for all?
[ ] Women, people of color, and all other minorities and immigrants attain parity in education, employment and compensation?
[ ] Police violence on minorities plummets; racial disparity banned in justice and sentencing?
[ ] Universal free college tuition and job security insured?
[ ] Higher corporate and wealth taxes replace sales and individual income taxes?
[ ] Trump imprisoned for tax fraud?
[ ] Gene-clipping breakthrough promising to eliminate menstruation, genetic defects and mental illness, unwanted fetuses, link between sex act and procreation, aging and most diseases?
[ ] Other?

What would the world be like if all vestiges of the old patriarchal, white, conservative order could be eliminated (the Progressive Project carried to logical extremes)? Again, which would you like to see?

[ ] Fake News Agency Czar appointed to eliminate all ‘alternate’ news sources?
[ ] Bias Response Teams for communities, campuses to catch offensive speech, beliefs?
[ ] Mandatory Twelve Step-type programs for all whites, men, alt-rights (practically every registered Republican), Heterosexuals, and Abortion and Climate deniers, and equivalent mandatory school classes for children?
[ ] Palestinian State imposed on Mideast under joint regency of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and rotating chair from U.S., Russia, France?
[ ] NATO morphs into global U.N. Peacekeeping Force tasked to maintain global status quo, squelch any ‘internal’ rebellions; proclaims exclusive right to nuclear arms; all other nations sign accord to disarm/destroy their militaries and nuclear arms? International Court of Justice proclaims exclusive right of ‘final solution’ for intractable criminal elements?
[ ] Globalism achieved: algorithms replace trade deficits, taxes, etc., personal language translators allow unfettered communication across languages, U.N. citizenship cards replace national immigration policies, etc.?
[ ] Other?

If such equality and fairness could be achieved, what is to prevent future trouble? Would offensive behavior be eliminated? Would people be bored?
•  One world order, characterized by peace, love and harmony
•  One world equality, economy, ecology
•  One world gender/sex
•  Pure entertainment; no need for news, everyone knows what is true & believes

Would situation (logically) require?
•  One world education?
• One world government?
or even
• Genetic editing / surgery / psychological or other intervention?

The trouble becomes, who decides?
• Content and methodology of education if everything is true and harmonious, and everyone is equal?
• Who governs if everyone is equal, and how, so that no one becomes less equal? What is there really to govern?

If there is only one truth, how does one recognize it / know it is true if there is no non- truth? Will elimination of difference really result in harmony and equality? What is there to educate if everything is true and harmonious, and everyone is equal?

Other utopian ideas?


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